Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bridal Show Blues

So as most of you know I am getting married. Now I originally wanted a fall wedding and that would have given me 6 months to plan a wedding and after realizing everything that went into planning I had a major anxiety attack. So we picked May 17, 2015. A full year from now. Nobody ever tells you all the crazy things that go into planning a wedding. Like having a baby, people leave out all the really important stuff that you need to know but nobody wants to really talk about.

On Sunday my MOH (maid of honor) and I attended our first bridal show. I have been to a bridal show before but as a worker when I owned a on-site hair & makeup business with a friend. So being on the other side was a bit overwhelming. People jumping at you getting you to sign up for everything. Bit of advice, DO NOT sign up to receive anything. Its a trap. They will call you and tell you that you win all these little freebies just as long as you come to one of their seminars for 2 hours. Wait,  What...thats not what I signed up for. I thought I was signing up to receive information about your company not some timeshareesq nonsense.I don’t need a free hotel stay to the Dominican Republic for four days with nothing included. I just wanted info on your flower shop. 2nd bit, have a plan. Know exactly what you are looking for and keep that as your main focus. Don’t talk to any vendors that you don’t need to because thats where they will get you to sign up for their “giveaway”. Shmm. Bring a bag to store all the pamplets, cards, pens, etc... that they will give you. Its alot!!! Last but not least, have a cocktail!!! It will help!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finding the Perfect Stylist

Finding the perfect hairdresser can be like deciding what shoe to wear...horrifying. Before becoming a hairdresser I went through multiple hairdressers over the years always changing because the stylist would have a problem with their listening skills, suck at their cosmetology skills or have a personality worse than the four walls I was staring at while getting colored.  On my behalf of denial or pure embarrassment I never informed the stylist why I wasn't returning so how would she have known what she was doing wrong and I believe that a lot of clients do this exact thing. So here are a few tips on how to find your perfect stylist without the dreading bad hair episode!
Step 1. Do your research!! Social media is the way to go for all needs and knows. So in order to find that perfect stylist, read reviews, look at pictures, read stylist bios. If the website doesn't have any of these keep looking. If they don’t take the time to show or tell you what they offer then they are not going to take the time on your hair!!
Step 2. Know your hair type! Knowing the texture and state of your hair will help determine what kind of hairstylist you need. If you have course, curly hair you definitely don’t want to see someone who doesn't specialize in exactly that. Stylists usually always have a specialty. Determine what your hair needs are and then search for that type of stylist.

Step 3. Have a consult first (they should be free). This way you can see whether or not your personalities will mesh. This will also give you an idea if you are both on the same page with what kind of style you are looking for. Plus you will be able to see how clean they are, their professionalism, and well how they act around their co-workers and importantly their existing clients. Be confident and have a list of questions during your consult so that you aren't wasting your time and you know exactly what you are looking for and if they are the right fit for you because at the end of the day you want to walk out of the salon feeling beautiful and refreshed and you will want to refer your new stylist to all your friends!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wearing the Right Jewelry for You

How to Wear Jewelry to Enhance your features

Jewelry has always been worn to enhance one’s appearance or to prove status over many centuries. For thousands of years people have taken natural elements or precious stones to create elaborate pieces for royalty. Nowadays anyone can wear jewelry from inexpensive costume or expensive diamonds and golds. Knowing how to wear them to enhance your features is the tricky part.
Wearing necklaces can change the perception of one’s height. If you are short you will want to choose long necklaces with a V or Y shape that surpass your girls but stay above the waist. Short ladies don’t choose choker or collar length because it will not only make you look shorter but also wider. Taller ladies need to stick with these lengths because it will help you appear shorter! Size of the necklace is also a factor. Chunky necklaces look best on the more slender physiques while dainty and slender look better on fuller physiques.
Earrings are similar to necklaces. They accentuate your face and can either cause your face to look round, small, or slender. Oval shaped faces are lucky because they are able to pull off any type of earring. Round face shapes need to be careful of rounded stud earrings and hoops because it will only accentuate the roundness of your face. If your face is long you want to stay away from the dangling earrings and heart-shaped faces need to have earrings that are larger at the bottom to take away the focus on the chin.  You will want to stick with smaller studs if you have a long or square shaped.

Wearing jewelry can be fun and fashionable but just keep in mind these little tips and they will help you look fabulous in all your accessories!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nail Shapes & Color Trends: What kind of girl are you?

Exciting nail trends are really popular today. Ladies are experimenting more and more with different colors and designs. I think nail shape tells a lot about a girl’s personality. There are 5 nail shapes: square, oval, round, pointed (or stiletto) , and squoval. The oval shape works on almost any woman's hand. It gives a feminine look to any hand shape. The square shape is known as the acrylic shape. Woman with longer nail beds look best with this shape. It gives them the illusion that the fingers are smaller. The squoval is the most common nail shape among women. It gives women a combination of square and oval so it gives the nail a softer look. The round shape is the most classic shape being the least dramatic. The round nail can make larger fingers look smaller as well softening harsher looking hands. The pointed (stiletto) is for the dramatic look. It's definitely makes a bold statement. It's adventurous look can create length and slenderness of the hand. This look has become very trendy among celebs such as Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, and Fergie! Deciding on what shape best works for you is all in how you style yourself. Are you edgy, classic, or girly? 
After deciding what shape is best for you, you then need to pick your color palette for this Fall. Choosing the right nail color palette can be tricky. For me colors such as yellow and orange don't look that great on me because I have olive skin. Factoring in skin tone is what can help you decide what colors work best for you. For my style which is edgy rocker chic the colors for me this fall are Oxblood, Midnight blue, Chartreuse, and Metallic. For the classic lady colors such as Emerald green, Amethyst, and warm neutrals. For the girly girl, adventurous colors such as Cobalt blue, Fiery orange, and Ultraviolet purple are your go to colors! Trends for this fall that you will also be seeing are Heavy metals, matte top coats, Glitter, and textured polish.  
Nail trends today can be super adventurous and fun, from having crazy artwork, new spins on the French manicure or even some studs Be bold and be adventurous with your nails because at the end of the day you can always remove them!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Animal Print: What's Hot & What's Not

Animal print is definitely this fall’s new trend. Everyone is getting into the season of the cat! Whether it be a sophisticated flat, chic skinnies, or amazing eye wear. It is a must do for this 2013 fall! Although there are a few little rules that I could help in your wardrobe decision making!
1. Never wear head-to-toe animal print.  You don’t want to look like the actual animal that you are sporting. You can however be a little matchy matchy. For example wearing a skinny belt with flats that are in the same print.
2. Never mix animal prints. Pick an animal and stick with it. Even though you will see this unconventional trend of mixing animal prints in my opinion I say its a Don’t.
3. Keep it simple.

4. Own it.
In my own style I like to mix up textures with my animal print. In this photo I am wearing a sweater top in grey with shoulder embellishments just to add some extra flare to my outfit. When wearing an animal print I usually like to keep it simple. If I am wearing a printed top then I usually wear a solid bottom and visa versa.  Less is More!! Follow these simple rules and you too can sport any aniaml print for this fall!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Color, Cut & Style: Fall Trends 2013

Have you been thinking of refreshing your hair color for fall? Chocolate caramel, Cabernet red, and buttery blondes are the new shades for fall.  Hair color that  is all about the richness and multi-tonal depth to give your hair the look of luxury. As seen on the runways this year, hair has added depth to shades with using highlights, lowlights, and a base that compliments your skin tone. Another fad seemingly disappearing is Ombre.  Trends are going back to a more uniformed color rather than the organic feel.
Blondes are becoming dimensional and staying away from the one note tone and are adding the richness of brown lowlights to give it that ultra chic fall touch. Brunettes are keeping their base rich and warm by adding caramel and blonde ribbons to accentuate the face. Reds are deepened by adding brown depth into it to make the red richer.
Bobs and blunt bangs are in for this seasons fall haircuts. Whether its a long bob or short bob, blunt bangs are added for a chic image. This season there is a style for everyone. Boastful volume, Rocker pin curls, pony's in 3 ways: sleek, messy & bouncy (a look for every girl), side faux bang creating a tom-boy feminine feel, deconstructed buns made into an organic bundle, undone texture for a fussy feel, and braids in every which way you can think to assemble them.

Styling your hair in a way that is fresh and modern is your last accessory that you put on everyday so make it big, bold, and always chic!!  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Makeup: Changing with your Haircolor

Are you one of those gals who likes to change up your hair color for each season? Do you ever think about how your hair color will affect the look of your makeup? It is a very important thing to think about. What works for a blonde may not work for a brunette or a ginger and visa versa. The most important thing I believe that needs to be changed is your foundation.  The tone of your hair color can alter the tone of your skin. Changing your base will help correct the any lightness or darkness that may appear. Also factor in the change of weather and how that will affect your skin as well as your changed hair color. Eye shadows can be intermixable depending on what look you are going for. Blondes and reds tend to go with a more natural look while brunettes go with a more bold look. When focusing on your brows I think you should keep them as natural as possible. You should never have matching eyebrows and hair! They should always be 2 shades lighter if you have dark hair and 2 shades darker if you are a blonde. Lips are like eye shadows, completely up to you on what fab color you choose for the day!. I am always changing my hair color and I believe that in order for your new look to be complete you must change your makeup as well.!